Palmer Ranch family dentist

Palmer Ranch Family Dentist

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Dental care for all ages in Palmer Ranch

If it sounds comforting to know that we offer dental care for all ages, we are pleased. But what sets us apart from those practices that simply welcome everyone is that our methods of care and treatment are specifically tailored to each person as an individual, and not just as the member of an age group. Here at New Image Dentistry LLC, you can depend on the focused, gentle, skilled care that we’ve built our reputation on, whether our patient is a toddler, a great grandparent, or anyone between.

Our Palmer Ranch family dentist recognizes that the best dental treatment is specific to your needs and preferences. And yet, some aspects of quality care are the same for everyone. The best example is the visit to our office every six months for a complete oral examination and teeth cleaning. One is never too young nor too old to benefit from this proactive attention. Cavities and gum disease are unconcerned with the age of a person. Signs of either should be found at the earliest possible opportunity, and addressed in a timely manner. Furthermore, teeth cleanings are associated with prevention of new cavities and gum disease, as well as stopping existing gum disease from progressing to an advanced stage. Certainly, children need attention to certain issues that are particular to the transition from baby teeth to adult teeth, and our Palmer Ranch family dentist manages it expertly. Beyond that, our office handles everything from restorations to orthodontics; from the routine to the urgent. Yes, we proudly have emergency service, because some dental problems do not occur at a convenient time.

Reach out to us to schedule an appointment for you or anyone in your household. You can trust in our Palmer Ranch family dentist when it comes to care for all ages.

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