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A cavity in your tooth doesn’t just appear one day. It is the result of a process, and anything you can do to interrupt that process, or stop it from occurring at all is going to be a positive in terms of keeping your teeth strong, healthy, and intact. Here at New Image Dentistry LLC, we Palmer Ranch dentist believe in the power of preventive care and do everything we can to help you make cavities a rare occurrence.

It is dental decay that causes cavities, and dental plaque and tartar that are responsible for the decay. If we go back to the beginning, the source is found in your diet. Sugar and starch are the catalysts for dental plaque to form. This filmy substance has bacterial acids that erode your tooth enamel to result in decay. The most efficient strategy to keep that from happening is to consume less sugar and starch, brush your teeth at least twice per day, and floss thoroughly at bedtime. While brushing when you wake up and again before you go to sleep is good, doing so also after meals is even better. Tartar is a crustier and harder version of dental plaque that develops from any that is not removed during your regular oral hygiene. And since tartar is equally hazardous for your tooth structure, you should visit our Palmer Ranch dentist twice per year for a complete oral examination and teeth cleaning. You’ll rid yourself of tartar buildup and at the same time have any existing cavities treated promptly by our Palmer Ranch dentist.

Don’t let dental decay and cavities cause your teeth to become weak and vulnerable. Toothaches, infections, and tooth loss may follow. So contact our office right now and we will book an appointment for you to see our Palmer Ranch dentist.

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