Palmer Ranch Dental Implants

Palmer Ranch Dental Implants

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You may have heard about dental implants a lot, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve heard a lot about dental implants. Here at New Image Dentistry LLC, we are excited about the innovations that go into these full-tooth restorations. And we’re confident that you will be, too.

Our Palmer Ranch dental implants offer you replacements for your missing teeth that eliminate the negative aspects of traditional bridges or dentures. Your other teeth are not affected by them, and you don’t have to use messy adhesive to keep them in place. This is because they are constructed to mimic the best qualities of your natural teeth. And by this we mean that an implant consists of both a crown that sits atop your gums, as well as a root that extends beneath it, all the way into your jaw. And because of that, you can expect complete reliability so that you can speak without any concerns about your teeth sliding or moving around. As for chewing food? Bring it on. Our Palmer Ranch dental implants are equal to even the crunchiest and toughest options. The process of getting them is very simple and logical. First, you come in for a consultation, examination, and testing. Then the root is placed. It consists of a post that is made out titanium or another durable material. Your jaw bone then grows around the post and fuses with it. In some cases, a support anchor will be added. But this is not always necessary. The final part is to fit a tooth-colored crown, custom made to fit you, onto the top of the post.

Our Palmer Ranch dental implants can last for a lifetime if they are well maintained. So why wait any longer? Fill that empty space where a tooth used to be. Get your complete smile back. All you have to do is book an appointment to come in. Reach out to us now to schedule one.

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