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Veneers in Palmer Ranch

Palmer Ranch cosmetic dentist
Palmer Ranch cosmetic dentist

If you do not have the smile you want, don’t settle for being dissatisfied. At New Image Dentistry LLC, you can enjoy the cosmetic advantages of veneers, which will transform your smile into one you’ll be proud of. It’s a simple, effective method that produces the results you need.

What are veneers? They are thin shells, made out of porcelain. Our Palmer Ranch cosmetic dentist places the shell over a tooth that is aesthetically displeasing to you. It’s so natural looking, including the color, that the appearance is as if your tooth were completely replaced by a new one that is perfect. Fortunately, nothing so major has to be done. Instead, the entire process only take three visits to our Palmer Ranch cosmetic dentist in most cases. When you come in for an examination and consultation, a determination is made as to whether you are a good candidate for them, and you will have the chance to ask any questions you have and get them answered. Moving ahead, impressions of your teeth are taken. They form the guide for the dental lab to fashion your new veneers, which will then be fitted to your teeth. Before they are bonded, adjustments are made to ensure that you are 100% happy with how they look and feel. You new smile is going to be free of chips, wide gaps between teeth, misshapen or crooked teeth, discolored ones, and other imperfections that you are self-conscious about. Your new veneers can be expected to last for anywhere from 10 to 15 years, or maybe longer than that. Porcelain is tooth-colored and resists stains, so feel confident in them continuing to give you cosmetic benefits throughout their lifespan.

By getting started right this minute and reaching out to our Palmer Ranch cosmetic dentist office to schedule an appointment, you’re taking the first step toward a great-looking set of teeth.

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