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Bee Ridge Dentist

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Dental office in Bee Ridge

Bee Ridge dentist
Bee Ridge dentist

Thank you for visiting New Image Dentistry, LLC, where our Bee Ridge dentist provides patients with the best in oral hygiene and routine dental cleanings. Our professional cleanings can remove plaque and buildup that can cause tooth decay and cavities, even with brushing and flossing on the patient’s part. Some areas of the mouth are hard to reach, making annual cleanings even more important. We recommend at least once every six months per cleaning.

A cleaning with our Bee Ridge dentist lasts about 30 minutes to an hour. Cleanings do not cause any discomfort or pain. During your cleaning, we’ll scale your teeth and then remove tartar and plaque from the surface so that the tooth enamel is protected. If you have deep pockets within the gums, we may need to do something called a deep cleaning or a periodontal scaling. Bacteria hides in the pockets between the gums and can cause tooth decay and tooth loss. During a cleaning, our hygienist will dig into the pockets of the gums to remove bacteria and plaque. After the cleaning we buff the teeth and finish them by removing any final debris.

We at New Image recommend that patients of all ages have a bi-annual cleaning to maintain their teeth. This helps to eliminate costly dental bills that can happen in the future as well. If problems with gum disease or tooth decay are caught early, they can be treated before other conditions arise that cause more serious problems such as tooth loss, periodontal disease or gingivitis. Our Bee Ridge dentist will evaluate for periodontal disease and examine current restorations on the teeth such as fillings and crowns before proceeding. We may also take X-rays to determine that the supporting structure around the teeth is healthy and the area below the gums is clean and without problems.

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